We are committed to increasing prosperity and quality of life globally through safety and sustainability. We seek to help communities thrive by independently certifying safe operations of wireless antennas.


Nearly 9 Billion

mobile device
connections worldwide

Over 5 Million

wireless antenna
systems globally

15 Million

antennas projected
once 5G rolls out

1 Global Safety Platform

backed by the world’s
largest insurers

Industry, innovation,


We accelerate technology creation and adoption through resilient safety infrastructure. 

Good Health and


We provide independent, reliable, and trusted information to the public regarding wireless safety and actively protect workers that may come close to RF emitting antennas. We increase the quality of life and ease the growing public concern over 5G safety through transparent, accountability-driven processes and products. As well as provide an injury safety net in the unlikely event of overexposure through one-of-a-kind, world-class Lloyd’s of London insurance policy. 

Sustainable Cities and Communities

We provide the world’s only global standardized safety infrastructure for wireless antenna sites to promote the growth of Smart Cities. It will reduce the risk of wireless infrastructure deployments that provide the backbone for technologies such as IoT, facilitating sustainable city initiatives and ushering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It will accelerate technology adoption to drive faster, safer economic growth for companies and host nations.